Uganda Internet Governance Forum 2023 Programme

Uganda Internet Governance Forum 2023 Programme
Time  Activity
8:00 – 8:30 Registration
8:30 – 9:00

Opening Ceremony

UIGF, Convenor

UYIGF, Coordinator

Keynote address: PS. Ministry of ICT and National Guidance (TBC)

9:00 – 10:00

High Level panel.”The Internet We Want – Empowering Ugandans

  • Tom Vanneste, Resident Representative, Enable Uganda
  • Dr. Emmanuel Eilu, Senior Lecturer, Uganda Christian University
  • Mr. Verengai Mabika, Senior Policy Advisor – Africa, Internet Society
  • Gloria Katuuku. Manager planning strategy and performance – NITA-U

Moderator: Joshua Mpairwe President ISOC Uganda

Session Summary:

The High level panel session will initiate the discussion for this year’s IGF theme -” The Internet we want – Empowering Ugandans”. The session will engage different speakers from different sectors representing Government, Private Sector, Civil Society and Academia. It will be an opportunity to compare views and discuss the role and impact of AI & Emerging Technologies, Cybersecurity, Cybercrime & Online Safety, Data Governance & Trust, Digital Divides & In.

10:00 – 10:30  Public Launch: Digital Rights for Girls and Women (D4GW) – Enable Uganda | Tom Vanneste, Resident Representative, Enabel Uganda
10:30 – 11:00  Tea Break
11:00 – 12:30

 Innovation Hubs as Centres of Excellence in advancing Digital Rights and Transformation in Uganda

  • Sandra Aceng Executive Director WOUGNET
  • Janepher Taaka, Gender and Inclusion Expert, Enable Uganda
  • Olga Naiga, Business and Investment Analyst, Hive Collab
  • SP Francis Ogweng, Ag. ACP/CCTV – Operations, UPF

Moderator: Moses Owiny, Digital Rights Expert, Enabel Uganda

Session Summary:

Innovation Hubs as Centers of Excellence in Advancing Digital Rights and Transformation in Uganda’ Transforming individuals and communities using digital technologies require sustainable solutions that are generated locally through innovative human-centric approaches. A human-centered design approach enables individuals and communities to play a critical part in defining and designing solutions that meet their unique needs, aspirations and circumstances. Innovation Hubs are critical for generating ideas and solutions, serving as centers of excellence with which major start-ups and business models can be scaled, and sustained in Uganda. To advance the digital transformation agenda, Enabel Uganda established Innovation Hubs in partnership with other stakeholders across the country – in the Rwenzori, Albertine and North-Eastern Uganda to serve as points of convergence of ideas, solutions and business models that can spur individuals and communities through an impactful digital transformation and entrepreneurship journey. As individuals and communities join the online world, a myriad of digital challenges emerges, that undermine safety, security as well as privacy of users. Innovation Hubs enhances community outreach, contributes to capacity building through digital skilling and awareness creation on human rights in the digital age. The goal is to empower citizens and communities, but also specifically target groups that are disproportionately and negatively impacted as a result of digitalization such as women and girls, persons with disability and other minority groups. The session will interrogate the relevance of innovation hubs, explore innovative approaches and business models as well as gender-specific challengers that constrain access, use and utilization of ICTs and ICT-based services in Uganda.

12:30 – 13:00

Game Booth: Where’s my Data: Navigating the World of Data Privacy and Security | Phillip Ayazika Program Manager, Pollicy

Bobina Zulfa, Data and Digital Rights Research.

Session Summary:

Where’s My Data is an interactive thought-provoking board game designed to raise awareness about data privacy and security. The game allows participants to navigate through various data privacy and security challenges to reach the end of the track. It aims to educate participants about potential risks and best practices related to their personal data.

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch break
14:00 – 14:15

Lightning talk: Bridging the Digital Divide & Promoting Inclusion: Starting with the educators | Valerie Kyolaba

Session Summary

Explore Uganda’s journey towards digital inclusion in the education sector in this session. We will discuss the challenges of the digital divide in education and discover actionable solutions that have been taken to improve the number of educators that can use their smartphones to introduce digital tools in the classroom. Learn about how we can navigate infrastructural challenges, digital literacy promotion in schools, and content inclusivity strategies that empower educators and communities. Explore the collaborative and sustainable approaches that can be replicated to ensure digitally literate educators by 2030

14:15 – 16:15

 Artificial Intelligence and the Creative Economy: Policy, Safety and Intellectual Property

  • Silver Kayondo, Advocate and Founding Partner – Ortus Africa
  • Hon Racheal Magoola, Chairperson – Parliamentary Forum on Creative Arts – Parliament of Uganda
  • GNL Zamba (Hip Hop Artist / CEO – Baboon Forest Entertainment)
  • Jackee Budesta Batanda (Writer)
  • Dr. Gwoktcho Stephen, Professor of Art Makerere University)
  • Zulfa Bobina, Researcher, Data And Digital Rights Researcher – Pollicy
  • Loukman Ali, Cinematographer & Film Director
  • Mutembesa Daniel, Research Scientist and Collaborations Lead – Makerere AI Research Lab
  • Moderator: Canary Mugume, Investigative Journalist – NBS Television (Moderator)

Session Summary

This special edition of the Kampala Analytica Tech Talk will be a groundbreaking discussion that bringing renowned experts, industry leaders, policymakers, and creatives to discuss the profound implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on the creative The Kampala Analytica Tech Talks are moderated by NBS Journalist Canary Mugume both physically and online. This special edition panel will constitute Silver Kayondo of Ortus Africa, Anne Namuli Blazevic Head of Emerging Tech at Sebalu Lule a top tier Law Kampala Analytica will take care of Tech Talk session: Costs of the speakers and special persons invited for the purposes of this session including their transportation, and any addition online engagement that comes with the session Kampala Analytica is a policy think tank providing unique policy and civic innovation in the Global South, especially Africa’s rapidly changing context precipitated by the forces of globalization, fourth industrial revolution and the continent‚ Äôs ambit

16:15 – 16:30  Tea break
16:30 – 17:00 Closing remarks

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